- Born in Osaka, Japan
- Went to Tokyo after graduating from Ohtemae Osaka Public high school
- Experienced Make-up arts at REVLON's branch shop in Tokyo
- Visited Britain (for 38 days) to study the medieval religious arts
- Visited 13 European countries (for 70 days) to study the medieval religious arts
- Obtained the University of Cambridge Second Certificate of English Examination
- My paintings as graduation work received a prize
- Graduated from "Jyoshi-bijyutsu University." Department of Arts - Industrial Design at Tokyo
- Join Daishinsya - a printing company - in Osaka as a Graphic Designer
- 1991 Exhibit at Kanagawa Design Net 21 exhibition
- Exhibit at annual group exhibition at Gallery Picture at Osaka (from 1994)
- Stayed in Poland (Homestay)
- 1995 Establish "RING BELLS"
- 1995 Exhibit at group exhibition at Abeno Kintetsu La'SERENA
- "Haikyo" (Ruin) was accepted for Tenri Biennale '96 for Design Section
- 1997 Exhibit at group exhibition at Gallery Kaori
- "Yutakanakunie" (To Rich Country) was accepted for International Art Exhibition as part of the Nagano Winter Olympics and Paralympics 1998

In my university days, I studied design for four years at Tokyo.
I visited Europe countries only with a backpack and return flight ticket to study medieval religious arts.
(I saved all expenses by doing part-time work ....)
It was great experiences for me not only to look actual arts but I was also able to touch the people who has different sense of values and culture.
While I worked for a printing company in Osaka, I did planning and designing besides block copy (camera-ready art), make-up, and printing.
I also enjoy directing of shooting a photography besides design as a director.
I believe that it is a wonderful moment to create a products by CO-working with photographer, coordinator and other staff together to achieve client's needs.